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JJ Crash lives in Stratford East London

Favourite pub is the 'Eddie' which is the King Edward VII in Stratford. It now has an open mike on Thursdays where JJ Crash regularly plays.

JJ Crash usually plays alongside Chris The Lips on harmonica - he's brilliant (Chris that is). Amongst his many claims to fame was hanging out wiv Captain Sensible of the Dammned and touring with UB40.

Spinmaster Plantpot
The master of low fi Plantpot combines witty rants and catchy tunes with attitude in a Tennessee-Dagenham drawl that stick in your mind like gum on tarmac. "and we both got what we need something warm to cling to and I want it pretty soon or I'll come into a tissue.. if not then the big issue" it packs attitude like a sex pistol. I always get on with people who get where Plantpot's coming from. About a week after I first saw his set at the first UK London Antifolk festival, I was at this open mike with Will Horsebox and Scrappy Hood and Horsebox had recorded a Plantpot song on his mobile. He kept playing it and we were all singing along and pissing off the "stars in their eyes someone notice my talent" line up. Spinmaster has a book of poems, a cool hat and makes drinking whisky minitures and carrying your stuff in a sainsburys shopping bag as cool as binliners and safety pins were in the 70's. Spinmaster Plantpot is the Dagenham Dog's Bollocks.

Milk Kan
Where do I start... Ah yes, I remember now. I stumbled upon these upstarts in the Sidewalk Cafe in March 2004 or was it them falling on me as my ears were trying to adjust to the south London drawl of Gather Round You Mother F**@ers floating out of the sound desk. How the .. did these lads from the burbs get into this obscure underground music scene from New York and make it onto the Sidewalk juke box? A long nite of Stella and straight vodka followed and the story of how Antifolk had made it over to the UK and was inspiring the likes of Milk Kan to make cutting edge, creative music that is to be found on their Bling Bling Baby CD demo. I think I played that CD every day for a month.

So why do I think they are so good?? .. the overall sound creates instantaneous excitement and baad attitude from the the break beats, the lowfi yet punky guitar sounds and razor sharp lyrics that make you think and laugh at the same time. Another original sound born in the UK burbs .. but this time in a post hip hop world yet screaming get me out of here like we did in 1977. They've looted out the corner shop of booze, biscuits, ciggies, the top shelfs empty and they'll be running riot in a venue near you before you know it. Hands up for your stella artoir. Milk Kan your my Ian Dury, Jam, Clash, Ramones, Beastie Boys .. play on and play long.

I'm big into live music and recommend you go see the following who are awesome live.

Milk Kan - cant get enough of em!
Sergent Buzfuz - he's on fire .. the new stuff is fantastic
Filthy Pedro - keep him away from your teenage daughters
Spinmaster Plantpot - an energy burst to cope with your day
David Cronemberg's Wife - as dark as it gets

Justin Sullivan - frontman for New Model Army doing some amazing new acoustic stuff plus lots of NMA stuff aswell

Lach - first time I saw him live was opening for Justin Sullivan and grooved a room full of sceptical punks including me.

Scout Niblett - the main reason why I started writing songs

Diane Cluck - I first saw Diane play at a Kimya Dawson show after which I started checking out the Antifolk scene

Jim Flynn - rare performances and tough to catch a show but well worth the effort once I saw him reading from his book with Jeff Lewis making train noises on geetar

Adam Green - the other reason I decided to try writing my own songs

Kimya Dawson - the world's a better place 4 her

Major Matt Mason - saw him play Brixton Windmill been playin hid first 2 CD's non stop since

Thomas Truax - mind expanding and best enjoyed live

Why I love antifolk - because it has no rules, no boundaries, nothing to prove but a whole lot to share.

JJ Crash says - too many mean people in the world be nice to someone... trust me it feels good.

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