Axis of Evil

The life I wanna live
Ain't on TV no more
I'm getting paranoid
All these flies on my walls
Don't wanna be a spy
Sean Connery was the best James Bond
My psychic told me
To eat less carbs
I'm in an energy field
Between Venus and Mars
I'm lying in the gutter
But I'm gonna be a star
I'm gonna be a star
Sort out my teeth
Me and David Beckham shooting the breeze
Outside in the garden taking penalties
Does this media circus ever sleep
I cant get out the house
I gotta change my strings
This party's gonna end
When we run out of Pringles
I gotta quit this scene
But I ain't got a reason
My favourite food is beans
But they put chicken in the seasoning
Shit sticks to flies but where's the axis of evil
I'm searching for the axis of evil
I'm searching for the axis of evil
I'm searching for the axis of evil

Ape Man

I'm an ape man
I got ape man hands
I see the pin stripe suits
making their plans
I'm an ape man
I got ape man hands
They're rolling in the tanks
To get the oil out the sand
And the birds aren't singing
Cause they're cutting down the trees
I gotta make more money
To get tax relief
It ain't good for you but its good for me
But when I look back
I don't know where I've been
I'm an ape man
I got ape man hands
Just don't understand
Why we got to rush around
I'm an ape man
I got an ape man hands
Just wanna smoke a little weed
And stick my spade in the sand

72nd Street

Take a walk in the park and lie down with Jesus
Let it be, let it be, let it be like Jesus
You were big you were big bigger than Jesus
Love and peace love and peace love and peace
You dreamer
Set him free, set him free
Is he free, is he free
72nd street - so long
They come to kiss your bloody feet now you're gone
All you need - is love
Then there's a bullet in your head and you were
Lying in a puddle of blood
Goodbye Johnny Beat - so long

No Flags

Ain't gonna wave no flag
Ain't gonna wave no flag
No I ain't with you
But I ain't with them
I wanna help you out
I wanna help you out
I wanna understand
Why you ain't listening
I'm gonna bring it down
I'm gonna bring it down
Your wall is wearing thin
It wont keep them out
It just keeps you in


If I had a place to go
I'd build a road
If I ever got there
Leave me alone
I'm gonna sit under the trees
On Avenue C
If I wait there long enough
come back to me
Flap my wings
Shake the cage
When I reach a waterfall
I go right over
smash into the rocks below
because I'm water
Always wake up on the grassy bank
Where it's warmer
I know I can be safe here
When I'm older
Flap my wings
Shake the cage
Wave bye bye

21st Century

I woke up in the 21st century
Crawling out a hole of ketamine
Was it bad acid
Was it Milton Keynes
I just can't relax in designer jeans
I gotta re-mortgage all my poetry
I'm still giving to the captains of industry
Still saving up for my holidays
Caught in the act on CCTV
And I'm just a little further down my one way road
I keep rolling the dice but I never pass go
I let them call me honey even though I'm a bloke
My lights are on but nobody's home
Welcome to the 21st century
Download your reality
They're killing off the characters on Sesame Street
Sponsorship withdrawn from the letter C
Colonic irrigation appointment at 3
Is Brazilian waxing any good for the bees?
I was tongue tied in the land of the free
Counting the corpses and my calories


Butterfly butterfly
I'm reaching out
When I'm reaching out
And there's no time to waste
When you ain't got long to live
Dragonfly dragonfly
You're burning out
Its time to fly around
And use your super wings
Dust blew out to sea
Baby baby baby

The dust blew out to sea

And I'm waithing with the angels
On Rockaway beach
I'm looking all around now
For something I can't see
There's nothing left to be now
It's getting hard to breathe
Did you make it through the turnstile?
Bullets in the sheets?
There's nothing you should die for
Don't leave me here to bleed
Baby baby baby
So what do you want to be?
You don't have to clean the rifles
You don't have to kiss the priests

Come back Cadillac

Smoke blows out every orifice
Your lines are razor sharp
I can't believe I'm leaving
You're tattooed in my heart
You whispered in my ear
I'll never let you sleep
You'll keep coming back to me
To feel these dirty sheets
Cry cry
Sigh sigh
Going going gone
Same old song
Come back Cadillac
You get out all your ornaments
You like it when it shows
But that ain't why I love you
You'll probably never know
I cashed in all my greenbacks
To live another dream
But I know you'll be there for me
When they kick me in the teeth
Sigh sigh
Cry cry
Going going gone
Same old song
Come back Cadillac

Bad bad boy

I go to bed in the morning
I get up at night
Everything in between
Is really outa sight
And I'm a bad bad boy
I hate this job
They kicked me out of school
If you let me out my box
I might do something that's cool
Really cool
Do you like sausage
Do you like eggs
Do you wanna wanna
A slice of fried bread?
Well sling ya pizza
Sling ya beer
I'm gonna learn kung fu
And walk away from here
In my kung fu shoes
I'm gonna walk away from here
I'm a bad bad boy
I'm a bad bad boy

Altair Voyager


What you trying to hide princess?
Champagne leaves a stain on your dress
Were you having fun princess?
Turning into such a bloody mess
Altair Voyager
When you close your eyes princess
Can you hear the voices in your head?
Where you gonna hide princess?
Where you gonna go princess?
Altair Voyager

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